Browse our collection of 3D Printed Products at our 3D Print Shop! All items are made to order with a huge array of color options and are produced using a Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly Plastic, PLA.

Eye Drops Holders and Carry Cases

Zioptan eye drops holder with Lid
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Eye drops holder and carry case
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Eye Drop Holder
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Xbox One Controller Stands!!!

Xbox Logo
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Destiny Logo
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Overwatch Logo
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Safe, Secure & Unique Shopping Experience! 

Shop with confidence!!! All of our products are “Hand Made”, locally in the U.S.A. using only the best quality Plastic sourced from reputable distributers. We offer the same customer protect on all your orders as do all other Online retail shops. The difference is you are shopping directly at the source!

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Find out more about our shop. What we do, why we do it.

We at ZNET3D take great pride in all the products that we offer and we always show images of the exact product that you will receive. There are no stock photos or Photoshop clean up. I personally take all the photos of the finished products that we post on our shop, imperfections and all. I hope you enjoy our selection and authenticity and continue in supporting us.

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SpaceShip Model Replicas by Znet3D!

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